Windmill Entrance

Young enters the Windmill area


The Windmill is a rainy area adjacent to the Fields as well as the Dimensional Rift (also known as BLANK). This is one of the places where the keys are necessary to continue, as the windmill is guarded by three gates, each unlocked with one of the three dungeon keys.

The area is generally silent, but by activating the windmill, the area's main theme begins to play. Activating the windmill allows access to the later dungeons in the game.

Second WindmillEdit

Second Windmill Base

The second windmill

A rock sign a the base of the windmill reads:

SCENIC LANDMARK: Partner Towers. Built some time ago, the Partner Towers overlook the distant mountains. The first tower was damaged a while ago and has since been repurposed. The second still stands to the east, reaching into the sky. Due to safety concerns, the path to the tower has been cut off until further notice.

This is a clue that there is another tower in this area.



Portal to the Windmill.