Wiggle Glitch

The Wiggle Glitch is a movement glitch where Young can travel vertically along the seam between two screens regardless of whether he is traveling through walls, holes, water, etc.

For speedrunners, the Wiggle Glitch is the most significant glitch in Anodyne. It cuts a speedrun of the game from 1 hour down to 5 minutes, and enables the game to be completed with 0 cards and no Broom.


Press up or down against a wall near a vertical edge of the screen. Continue holding up/down through the whole glitch. Press left or right to cause a screen scroll. While the screen is scrolling, press and hold the opposite direction instead. Then once the screen is scrolling back the other way, switch the direction of your inputs again. Repeat this process until you have penetrated the wall tile.

It takes 6 screen scrolls to get into the wall enough so that you can walk freely inside of it. If there is another wall tile in a sequence that you're trying to penetrate next, you can walk through the wall tile you've just penetrated and press up against the next wall before you start wiggling again. This is more efficient that wiggling the whole way.

It takes more than 6 screen scrolls if one of the tiles you're leaving contains water or some other slowing physics. This can be seen while wiggling past the final boss room where the screens beside the boss room contain water channels.


Although the wiggle glitch works in every area of every map (unlike the Swap), the wiggle glitch cannot penetrate object physics. Because of this, you cannot use the wiggle glitch to get to the 50 Card Gate due to strategically placed invisible blocker objects in BLANK and the Nexus.


This glitch can bypass nearly every significant barrier in the game without requiring any cards or keys.

Early SwapEdit

This glitch enables players to complete the game (triggering the credits) with 0 cards and no broom:

  1. In the Street, wiggle past the key block to avoid getting the broom.
  2. In the Woods, don't enter the Seeing One Dungeon; wiggle south out of bounds, and access the Fields by reentering the map behind the green gate.
  3. In the Fields, head for Terminal by wiggling through the terrain.
  4. In Terminal, wiggle south out of bounds, head east or west to a Parallel Universe, cross the bridge where the Sage battle would normally take place, go all the way north out of bounds, and return to the home universe by entering in bounds south at the transition trigger to GO.
  5. In GO, wiggle past the Color Puzzle. Then wiggle along the right-edge of the screen into and past the Briar battle screen to trigger the game-end cutscene.

If you pick up the Broom and the Swap on your way, this enables the Swap everywhere before you've really done anything significant.

Second NexusEdit

It's possible to use this glitch in conjunction with the Swap to reach the Second Nexus with 0 cards:

  1. Start in the Nexus, swap to the west until you're walking freely on floor-physics tiles.
  2. Head north and then east until you see the second Nexus area. There are wall-physics tiles blocking you from entering in bounds, and the Swap is disabled.
  3. Wiggle through the edge of the platforms, and you are in-bounds again.

This gives access to the Debug World with 0 cards. This also gives back-door access to BLANK behind the 47 Card Gate; however, this isn't very useful, since you'll be trapped inside the gate.