The Wall

The Wall is a boss encountered in the Cliffs dungeon .

He characteristically gets Young's name wrong - referring to him as "Yon"  and "Yang" (pressumably pronounced "Jon" and "Jang, respectively). 

The Wall seems to already know a bit about Young, off-handedly mentioning how Young is "still playing those Nintendos". After The Wall is defeated, he seems to imply that Young has a difficult time "deal(ing) with people". As well as telling him to "grow up".

He is the guardian of the Blue Key .

Boss FightEdit

Most of The Wall's attacks are done with his accompanying giant hands. His fists will ball up and will occasionally attempt to slam down on Young. They'll also attempt to simply push him off of the battle area. The Wall will also create a pillar between his hands that will move vertically across the arena. In addition, The Wall will spit out orbs at Young.

After a certain point in the fight, his fists will slam down and break part of the platform that Young is standing on.

The Wall has 9 HP.

Trivia (May Contain Spoilers)Edit

If you look very closely, on the left of The Wall's sprite you can see an image of Mega Man.

Though The Wall characteristically gets Young's name wrong, by reading the card bearing his image  The Wall is the only one in the game who refers to Young as "Ying" - which is made relevant later in Youngtown .