Young and three Suburbanites

The Suburbanites are the friendly NPCs walking around in Young Town. Attempting to talk to them by pressing C will usually result in Young stabbing them with a sword/knife, and the Suburbanite falling down dead in a pool of blood.

Leaving and reentering Young Town will reset any Suburbanites who are dead so that they are alive again.


Once a Suburbanite is dead, pressing C near them will result in dialog with their dead body. The dialog you get is randomly chosen from this list:

Today is a nice day.
Thanks for scratching that itch on my neck - I can't seem to reach it.
I've heard the eggs at the local diner are quite good. I have a coupon for them, too.
Did you see the car accident today? So horrible! He was texting. Such a shame, so young!
My son did not make the junior varsity team. Such a disappointment. We invested so much in his sports career.
Thanksgiving is today. I am thankful for a lot of things. Can't wait for tomorrow's early morning sales. Gonna get a lot of bargains.
Ah, I think I might be late for work.
I am in a bit of a rush to get home, I need to tidy up before the in-laws come over.
We're having a garage sale!



The foreigner is the upper-right Suburbanite in this image.

One of the Suburbanites is standing still in a fenced yard. Attempting to talk to him actually results in dialog instead of murder. He is the sixth NPC in the NPC Quest.

Foreigner DialogEdit

Are you looking for something?
What are you looking at?
No, I'm not a citizen of this town. What's weird is you can see and talk to me, but I can't interact with any of them. There are all of these killers running around, and no one seems to notice. It is strange.

NPC Quest dialog (once you've gotten the NPC Quest dialog from the Hiding Man, this dialog will be spoken when you first talk to the NPC after scrolling the screen into view until the next step of the NPC Quest is taken):

Yes. I observed a person walk by. They were looking for something. I don't know where their 'something' could be. The person went off in a hurry. Said they needed to head to an alternate area of space. Sounds fancy.

Door BlockerEdit

Door Blocker

One of the Suburbanites is blocking a doorway to a large house. Attempting to talk to him actually results in dialog instead of murder. He will let you pass once you've murdered enough Suburbanites. Leaving Young Town and reentering will revive any dead Suburbanites, but not reset your counter.

Door Blocker DialogEdit

If you've murdered less than 6 Suburbanites:

Oh, it's you! You look familiar...I can't move until you keep killing more of these townsfolk, remember? Come back in a bit.

If you've murdered 7 to 9 Suburbanites:

According to this only need to kill a few more people! Keep it up.

If you've murdered 10 Suburbanites:

We only need one more body, and then we can keep going.

If you've murdered at least 11 Suburbanites:

Well done. Feel free to go inside. I have no idea what's there. I'll see you again, same time tomorrow, right? Or the night after?

Indoor SuburbanitesEdit

All Suburbanites indoors can be spoken to normally without murdering them.


I didn't see the latest movie.


I never gotta see the new cartoon!


Welcome to our house, stranger! You look familiar. This is a peaceful town. Pretty quiet, not many visitors.
Do you like Davement? My brother Dave showed me this really cool song by them!

Older Kid:

My friends like to listen to that 'None Surprises' song by 'Rayhead' and complain about this place. Sure, it's a bit of a bubble, but hell, at least show some gratitude! Or do something about it! They're all just...oh, sorry. I tend to do that sometimes..
I guess I'll just go write in my blog.
You sure look like you're in a daze.
I have trouble hearing my thoughts with sports and the like playing on the TV, but my parents like it.

Hanged Man:

A note on the corpse: "Placing myself in danger no more."

Festive Guy:

Oh, is there something going on outside? A festival? A parade?
There seems to be quite the commotion outside! Have you looked out the window recently? I wonder what it could be.

Paranoid Guy:

My house has a lot of windows. I don't like windows. It's as if someone is always looking in. And you know there HAS to be something going on outside there. It can't just be that silent all the time, so silent and calm - it's disturbing to me.
Murderers? What? Outside? What are you talking about? Are you kidding me? There haven't been any murders in this town before, but're starting to worry me...maybe you should just leave.
Please get out.

Dead Woman:

The body of this woman has been beaten to death by a blunt weapon.

Dead Man:

The man, to put it bluntly, well...