Your save file is called ANODYNE_SAVE_123.sol and is located in the Adobe Flash's applicationStorageDirectory directory:

  • Windows 7: C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Anodyne\Local Store\#SharedObjects\Anodyne.swf\ANODYNE_SAVE_123.sol

There are also a number of copies of your save file that have no effect scattered about your file system. They are created as "backups", but aren't ever read by the game, so they can be safely ignored.

Format Edit

In order to edit your save file, you must have a basic understanding of the save file format. The save file is a .sol file, which is a format used by Flash to store object-like data. The .sol format is not documented here, but you can use SOL file editors available online. You can try editing the file directly, but some text editors may corrupt the binary file by treating it as a text file and canonicalizing the newlines. It is recommended to either use a specialized SOL file editor or a hex editor rather than a text editor.

Inside the SOL file, an Anodyne save file has the following fields (in no particular order):

  • aaaaaaaaaaa: the name of the map area where your checkpoint is
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: the NPC dialog state
  • applegouda: your inventory
  • autosave_on: Config | Autosave at checkpoints
  • Big_Door_State: the state of the Card Gates
  • booklesporf: your max health
  • bowlofcereal: your death count
  • conga: your current health
  • controls: defaults to ["UP","DOWN","LEFT","RIGHT","C","X","Z","ENTER"]
  • curLang: the current language
  • dirty: always "y"
  • dpadonly: something to do with dpad input
  • effect: your active weapon
  • fffeeffe: the name of your primary item
  • fjfjejfwe: which cutscenes have played
  • fkkekee: the name of your secondary item
  • flamingo: the activation state of the Nexus doors
  • frame_x_px: some kind of x coordinate
  • frame_y_px: some kind of y coordinate
  • gameonly: related to dpadonly
  • hooooops: the state of major game events, such as defeating bosses
  • joybinds: used for joypad input
  • minimap_strings: the screens you've visited that are shown on your minimap
  • mml: used for mobile support when the phone is held in landscape orientation
  • mmp: used for mobile support when the phone is held in portrait orientation
  • papertowel: how many worm tails have been retracted in Red Cave
  • playtime: integer number of seconds on the in-game-timer
  • READ_THIS_IF_MODIFYING: the text "HEY! Be careful modifying this! Don't say I didn't warn you..."
  • rosemary: which cards you've gotten
  • s_npc_states: something to do with NPC states
  • scale_ctr: Config | Resolution
  • scale_factor: Config | Scaling
  • spam: how many small keys you have for each location
  • squirrel: the number of cards you have
  • stateful: an XML document representing the "stateful XML" of the game
  • stateless: an XML document representing the "stateless XML" of the game
  • ui_offsets: ???
  • valid: always "yes"
  • verynices: the state of some kind of achievements
  • volume: Config | Set volume