Rank 2

Rank is a Link-esque character encountered in the west of the Fields. He is the fourth NPC in the NPC Quest.

He can be encountered quite early in the game and is always seen chopping a bush with a sword (which is a reference to Link being able to smash rupees out of bushes and vases). His dialog makes references to "bush cutting" and economic struggles "under this bush", which is probably a pun about President Bush's economic policies.

He claims he has a wife and kids, but they are never seen.


Rank: I cut down the bushes for a living. Sometimes when you cut the bushes you find gold! Eheheh!
Rank: The economy has been really struggling under this bush...
Rank: Sometimes it’s tough to support the wife and kids on bush cutting--we don’t always have enough to eat... but we’ve always got a roaring fireplace! Eheheh!

When you attempt to cut the bush with your broom:

Rank: Eheheh, silly Young! A broom’s no tool for cutting bushes!

NPC Quest dialog (once you've gotten the NPC Quest dialog from James, this dialog will be spoken when you first talk to the NPC after scrolling the screen into view until the next step of the NPC Quest is taken):

Rank: Eh? Yes! Someone came by here. Said they were going to an underground labyrinth...I bet they've got a lot of bushes there, eh Young? Eheheh!