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Annotated map of the Nexus after exploring a little with the swap upgrade

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Full Nexus

The Nexus is a hub world that connects to most other worlds in the game. Young has the ability to return to the Nexus from most locations in the game by using the "Return to Nexus" menu option in the Map tab of the pause menu.

The Nexus contains 21 portals to different locations. With the exception of Street, these portals are activated as Young finds their destinations while exploring. As such, the Nexus is not normally used to reach new areas.

Mountain cave

A gem indicates that all normal cards have been found in this area.‎

A bright gems glows at the top of each door when all of the standard cards in that area have been found. No indication is given regarding Health Upgrades, post-game cards, or secrets.

Second NexusEdit

Separate from the normal Nexus area is a second area that is part of the post game. This area is accessed through the Turquoise DRAWER area, requiring 47 cards. The Swap is disabled in this area.

After entering this area from the Turquoise DRAWER area, there are two ways to go: one way contains a connection to the Debug World; the other way contains the 49 Card Gate. The 49 Card Gate blocks a connection to the 50 Card Gate back in BLANK.

On an inaccessible island visible from this area is a chest containing Card 49.


New Game+:


visualization of the physics tiles and entities in the Nexus.