OOB glitch effect

The visual effect when Young is too far out of bounds.

After completing Anodyne normally, Young is able to use the Swap almost everywhere in the game. The ability to continue playing a game after it is completed is called New Game+ or the post game.

Anodyne's post game contains many new items, areas, and challenges not available in the normal game. Almost every map has something to find by exploring out of bounds with the Swap.

See also Category:Post-Game Content, Category:Secret.

New AreasEdit

In order to find completely new areas, try completing the NPC Quest. The reward for that quest is finding Overworld Station, an access point to the new area DRAWER.

Another key access point is the second Windmill. The rock sign at the base of the windmill hints that there is a second tower nearby; you will find it by exploring to the east. The second Windmill leads to BLANK, the 47 Card Gate, the second Nexus, and the Debug World.