Mitra is a recurring character that befriends Young in his quest.

Young encounters Mitra early on, after she nearly runs him over with her bike, which she has cleverly named Wares. Mitra meets Young several times afterwards in the game.


In the WoodsEdit

Sorry about that... I was going way too fast. Oh, I’ve never seen you before! Are you a fellow traveller? ... Huh? You want to protect the Briar from the Evil Darkness? ... Well... I have no clue what you’re talking about, but sounds cool, I guess!
I’ve just been out and about, peddling my wares.... What? No, I’m not a salesman. Wares is the name of my bicycle!
Well, maybe we’ll run into each other again sometime. I’ll let you know if I hear anything about that Briar.

In the FieldsEdit

TBD: when does she say which of these first two?

Remember me? I forgot to introduce myself the last time, I only introduced my bicycle, Wares. My name is Mitra.
Remember me? I forgot to introduce myself the last time, I’m Mitra, and this fine young bicycle is named Wares.
Mitra: So how have you been, Young? ...what? How did I know your name? You think it’s weird, eh? Well, I saw it on the back of your hoodie.
Mitra: See you around, Young!

TBD: when does Mitra say these things?

Did you find that guy who was looking for something in the mountains?
Do you know what my bike’s surname is? …Waldo! Get it? Wares Waldo! ...Just kidding, bicycles don’t have surnames.
Do you think I should get a U-Lock? I’d hate to tie up Wares like that, but you do hear a lot about stolen bikes these days...
So what is The Briar? Some sort of ancient artifact from a lost culture?
I wonder why I haven't heard anything about The Darkness coming. I guess most people in the land are just caught up in their own daily struggles.
Hey Young, I just wanted to tell you... your hair is awesome.

The beginning of the NPC Quest:

Mitra: Hey, I just remembered - someone said they were trying to find something earlier. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, so they said they were going to the mountains - ran off in a hurry.

Game hints:

Oh, you're lost? Have you looked around the beach? Maybe someone there can help you out. It looks like that key of yours comes in a set. Maybe you need to find more?
Oh, you're lost? Have you looked in the forest to the east? That key you have - it looks like it comes in a set. Maybe you need to find others?
Look at all of those keys! I think I saw some gates to the southeast. Maybe you could use them there?
Hey, I saw that you turned on the wind turbine! Do you know if it had any effect on The Land?
Hey Young. Wow! You've really been racking up those cards! Have you figured out what they're for yet? Seems like you could really cash in with all those!
What is that new broom attachment you have? It lets you alter the structure of the world...? Honestly, that is really scary Young. I'm glad it doesn't seem to work anywhere, perhaps just in the deepest, strangest recesses of the Land
How are my jump shoes working for you? Pretty nifty, eh? I’m loving my new bike shoes. They make Wares and I an even better team!
Cool, Young, you found another key! Wares likes the color! Have you found a place to use them yet?

Card hints:

If you have 0 cards:

...What? You haven't found *any* cards? Man, Young, that's crazy! Sometimes in life you just need to be adventurous, open a few boxes, you know?

Card hints all begin with:

Mitra: Hey Young, looking for a card?

Then Mitra randomly chooses a card you don't have and gives you a clue about it.

  • Card 1: "Have you checked around the area of the Seeing One's temple?"
  • Card 2: "I heard there's a maze around the back exit of the Seeing One's temple."
  • Card 3: "You might find something near the Seeing One's lair."
  • Card 4: "There was a room filled with enemies in the Seeing One's temple, right?"
  • Card 5: "Have you looked all over the Seeing One's temple?"
  • Card 6: "Try looking in the vestigial area near the back exit of the Seeing One's lair."
  • Card 7: "Maybe your neighbor knows something about it."
  • Card 8: "I know the guy in your apartment was hiding something..."
  • Card 9: "Somewhere near the entrance of your apartment...look around there!"
  • Card 10: "Have you looked *everywhere* in your apartment?"
  • Card 11: "Just south of here is an island! I haven't gone there, but you should check it out."
  • Card 12: "There's a lot of stuff to be found if you follow the rivers. Look around!"
  • Card 13: "I know someone left a card near the windmill."
  • Card 14: "Look around the rivers in the forest..."
  • Card 15: "Try poking around the base of the mountains."
  • Card 16: "Try going to the summit of the mountains."
  • Card 17: "The far end of the beach may hold something."
  • Card 18: "Take a walk in the crimson woods."
  • Card 19: "There were a lot of locked doors in one of those red caves, right?"
  • Card 20: "Try looking around the northern red cave - follow the river to its end!"
  • Card 21: "Go to the northern red cave, check out the source of the river!"
  • Card 22: "Hmm...did you look all over that dark labyrinth?"
  • Card 23: "I remember there was a pretty grim looking path of flamethrowers somewhere. Something's gotta be at the end of it!"
  • Card 24: "Those circus folks have got to be hiding something. Did you look everywhere?"
  • Card 25: "Have you looked around the area on the perimeter of that couple's large pit?"
  • Card 26: "There's this couple that like to hang around a pit. They must be hiding something."
  • Card 27: "Sometimes there are things hidden across chasms - especially in mountain caves!"
  • Card 28: "Have you scoured the highest parts of the mountain cave?"
  • Card 29: "Is there anything in the depths of that mountain cave?"
  • Card 30: "That colorful cube in that weird place - it has probably got something!"
  • Card 31: "Have you talked to that grayscale cube in that wild-lookin' area? Maybe it knows something."
  • Card 32: "The top floor of that hotel is a little run down, but it's gotta have something!"
  • Card 33: "Did you walk into all of the rooms on the 3rd floor of the hotel?"
  • Card 34: "I bet someone left something lying around the 2nd floor of the hotel."
  • Card 35: "The owner of the hotel might have left something for you!"
  • Card 36: "Those broken bridges to the northwest...look around there!"


HEADS UP! All right Wares, let’s do this!
Annnd presto!
Keep going, Young, we’ve got your back!

In GOEdit