James the bear is an NPC in the Forest. He is the third NPC in the NPC Quest.


First dialog:

James: Berries are a good kind of food. I like berries.
James: Please make sure not to defecate on the berries.
James: So far I have had sexual intercourse 18 times this season. Also, I have eaten 389 pawfuls of berries.
James: Do you have any berries for James?

Second dialog (triggered by speaking to the NPC, then completing a dungeon, then speaking to the NPC again, or triggered by completing all dungeons before speaking to the NPC the first time):

James: I wrote a poem: I like to eat berries/ They make me merry/ How much do I like berries?/ I would have to say very!
James: Do you like blueberries or raspberries more?
James: Do you have any berries for James?

NPC Quest dialog (once you've gotten the NPC Quest dialog from Hews, this dialog will be spoken when you first talk to the NPC after scrolling the screen into view until the next step of the NPC Quest is taken):

James: Someone came by. They did not want berries. Went to southeast part of lake to the west.

Note that Rank is actually in the northwest part of the Fields. Going to the southeast part of the Fields to the west will actually lead you to Card 11, which is a depiction of Mitra not of Rank. James's directions are completely misleading, except that he tells you to go to the Fields.