The Hiding Man is a man who is found in the Underground Labyrinth. He stumbled upon the dungeon, and went into hiding from the Chasers. He is in the same room as a person who is on the ground, dead. He is fascinated with the thought of how people may have died in the dungeon (as the dungeon itself is strewn with dead bodies). 
Lost man


What AM I doing here? Good question! I just stumbled upon here. I'm in hiding. It's safe here, if you don't venture too far out and let those guys get you.
It looks like I'm relatively fortunate. All these dead people strewn all over the place - how did they die? It's a little fascinating, to try and think of how it happened. Were they attacked by the monsters? Tripped and fell onto the spikes?
It is a a bit grim. I hope it doesn't happen to me. Physical pain is a terrible prospect.

NPC Quest dialog (once you've gotten the NPC Quest dialog from Rank, this dialog will be spoken when you first talk to the NPC after scrolling the screen into view until the next step of the NPC Quest is taken): that I think about it, a person walked by here a while ago. Said they were looking for something...even looked a bit like you! I don't remember when, sorry. It's hard to tell the time in here. But they said they were going to head off to a nearby town.