The Golem is a golem that is found in seclusion on the Cliffs. This character is the starting point of the NPC Quest.

Although he talks of throwing boulders, he never actually does so in the game.


NPC Quest dialog (will be spoken when you first talk to the NPC after scrolling the screen into view until the next step of the NPC Quest is taken):

Golem: Oh, yes, I met someone who was little lost...they told me they were going off to look around the beach.

First dialog:

Golem: Did you get hit by a boulder on your way up? Sometimes I throw boulders when I’m angry. I’m sorry if I hit you.

Golem: My mother always said that if I kept doing it, I’d run out of mountain to throw. Back before she was fracked.

Second dialog (triggered by speaking to the NPC, then completing a dungeon, then speaking to the NPC again, or triggered by completing all dungeons before speaking to the NPC the first time):

Golem: When you’re a rock, you see many generations of people come and go. You become ancient and wiser than the wisest among men.

Golem: At least, that’s the idea. I broke my binoculars a while back so I haven’t been able to tell what’s going on.

Golem: Actually, I don’t miss watching people much, it’s a bore.