Debug World map

Think things were getting weird with your new swap abilities? Welcome to the DEBUG WORLD, accessed via a hidden area of the Nexus.


Intended RouteEdit

Make sure you have at least 47 cards before trying to find this area.

First go to the Windmill's nexus portal, then go UP, and then SWAP RIGHT (above the first fence) to reach the second windmill. Go up the second windmill to reach BLANK.

Once in BLANK, Go RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, and use SWAP to reach the rift portal

Use swap to go RIGHT, UP to reach a second rift portal.

From this area, SWAP DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, SWAP DOWN, SWAP DOWN, RIGHT, SWAP DOWN until you reach the 47 Gate's rift portal.

You'll be in a black and white area. Go RIGHT, RIGHT, UP to another rift portal.

You will now be in a hidden area of the Nexus. Save, and then go to the LEFT to find a rift to reach DEBUG.

Using the Wiggle GlitchEdit

From the Nexus, Swap west until you're walking freely. Go north and east to reach the Second Nexus area from out of bounds (see map of the Nexus). Wiggle through the railings around the platforms to get in bounds in the Second Nexus. Use the left portal.


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