Full DRAWER map

DRAWER (also known as the Archives) is one of the postgame areas. The DRAWER world contains several distinct areas that are entered and exited via portals.

In addition to the portals, this area can also be traversed using the Swap.


Archives landing

Young lands on a pile of dead bodies while entering the Archives.

Archives landing without darkness

The Archives accessed from the Ocean area using the Swap to show the area in color.

The first area in DRAWER is the Archives. This is accessed from the portal in Overworld Station.

This area contains a save point, a portal to the Brown area (left), and a portal to the Ocean area (right).

When Young first enters this area from Overworld Station, the screen scrolls down and moves him into walls with the appearance of Young's dying animation. This creates the illusion of falling onto a pile of dead bodies.

Brown AreaEdit


Young enters the Brown area of DRAWER

Brown DRAWER without darkness

the Brown area accessed from the Ocean area to show color.

The Brown area of DRAWER contains Card 38. This area is accessed from the left portal in the Archives.

Ocean AreaEdit


Young enters the Ocean Area of DRAWER

The Ocean area of DRAWER surrounds the Game Over area of DRAWER. This area does not contain any chests, but provides access to the chest in the Game Over area containing Card 37.

Game Over AreaEdit

Game Over

Game Over

Game Over without darkness

the Game Over area accessed from the Ocean area.

The Game Over area contains a chest contining Card 37. Normally this area is accessed by choosing "No" after dying and being prompted to continue. However, doing this prevents you from opening the pause menu, even if you leave the Game Over area.

In order to get to the chest, Swap into this room from the Ocean area to the east, or from the Archives to the Northwest.

WARNING: Young can enter the lower of the two Game Over area screens normally. However, touching any edge of the screen after entering this screen will take you immediately to the title screen without saving your game or asking for confirmation. Any unsaved progress will be lost. While in the lower Game Over screen, it is still possible to use the pause menu and save your game.

Turquoise AreaEdit

Turquoise BLANK

Young enters the Turquoise Area of DRAWER

Turquoise BLANK without darkness

The Turquoise DRAWER area in color, seen by reaching this area from the Ocean area without using any portals.

The southernmost area of DRAWER is a connection between the 47 Card Gate in BLANK and the second Nexus. The Swap is disabled in this area.

This area is normally dark with a grayscale filter, but color can be seen by reaching this area from the Ocean area without using any portals.



Nexus (hidden area)

Woods (via hidden area of Seeing One Dungeon aka bedroom)


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