Color Puzzle

The Color Puzzle

The Color Puzzle is found in GO. A rock nearby explains:

The path will open when the dark guardian tiles are replaced by the stone of their spirit color on the square grid below.

How to Find the SolutionEdit

Tile Clues

clues found in the Hotel (top), Circus (left), and Apartment (right).

A hint can be found on a rock to the west of the color puzzle:

When the blue stone statue shifted/ There a new path was revealed/ Past the cliffs, through strange dimensions/ Stands a travelers' hotel

"Who is the guardian?" I ask, "Who rules this crowded business place?" Despite the many human souls I still feel alone.

This refers to the blue statue that moved due to activating the Windmill that cleared the path from the Mountain Cave, through the Cliffs, to Space, and then on to the Hotel. It describes the "guardian" of the Hotel as the ruler of the place, referring to the Manager, the literal boss of the Hotel.

This clue gives us a color, blue, and refers to the boss of the Hotel (the Manager). We can guess that the other colors of the stones that need to be moved will be the other two colors of the statues that moved due to activating the Windmill: red in the Red Cave which leads to the Circus and the Servants, and green in the Seeing One Dungeon which leads to the Apartment and the Watcher. We now have associations between colors and bosses; now we need to associate bosses to tiles.

You may be able to recognize the images of the bosses in the tiles in the color puzzle. But in case you don't remember what the bosses looked like, or you can't recognize the pixelated renditions, there are more clues to help you out. Go to where each boss was, and use the Swap to access hidden areas beyond the rooms where you got the bosses' cards (yes, the Swap will work in those areas before completing the game). There is a secret room associated with each boss, each room is 6x6 tiles (just like the color puzzle), and each room is completely empty except for 1 object. The location of that object is the location of the boss's tile in the Color Puzzle.


Color Puzzle Solution

The positions of the color tiles that solve the puzzle. All other tiles don't matter.

Color Puzzle Solution 2

These are the pairs of tiles you need to swap to solve the puzzle in the fewest moves.

The puzzle is solved by positioning the colored tiles into the correct locations. The final positions of the boss image tiles don't matter, and neither does anything else in the grid (i.e. it doesn't matter if you put grass in the middle of the grid; all that matters is the positions of the colored tiles.).

Second Color PuzzleEdit

See Secret 10