Card Gates are conveniently placed barriers that prevent Young from advancing into various areas in Anodyne.

They can be opened by possessing a number of cards greater than or equal to the number on the gate and pressing "C" while standing in front of it.

04 GateEdit

Card Gate

The 04 Card Gate requires at least 4 cards to get past.

The 04 Gate is in the Woods area outside the Temple.  It leads to an HP upgrade.

08 GateEdit

08 Gate

The 08 Gate needs at least 8 cards to open...

The 08 gate is on the western part of the Beach area.  It leads to another HP upgrade.

16 GateEdit

Gate 16

The 16 gate is on the eastern edge of Young Town.  It leads to another HP upgrade.

24 GateEdit

Gate 24 8bitdungeon

24 card gate

Located within the Underground Labyrinth. It leads to a HP upgrade.

36 GateEdit

Gate 36

Gate 36

Located within the Terminal.

47 GateEdit

Gate 47

gate 47

Located in BLANK.

49 GateEdit

Gate 49

49 gate

Located within the Nexus.

50 GateEdit


50 gate

The 50 Gate is the last gate. It is located in BLANK accessible from the Nexus.

"The 50 card door is an ending to Young's story, at least within the game's narrative. It will never open."[1]

This gate never opens, even if you hack the game to say that you have 50 cards. But even if you further hack the game to cause the gate to open (or use Cheat Codes to get past it), there is nothing past the gate but a blank expanse of nothingness (see map of BLANK.). This gate's purpose is not to obstruct your progress, but to be symbolic of an impossible task.

92 GateEdit

Gate 92

Gate 92

Sage changes the number on the 36 Gate to 92 in an attempt to discourage Young from passing through. However, the 92 Gate still opens with only 36 cards. The number 92 is a lie.