Map overview

A frozen world reached from the second Windmill. This world, like Terminal, serves as a bridge between areas and contains a Card Gate.

This area requires 47 cards to complete.

Tutorial AreaEdit

Four screens of this area are used in the tutorial at the very beginning of the game. Once the tutorial is complete, the screens are normally unreachable until New Game+.

Connection to Turquoise DRAWEREdit

The main feature of this world is the path to the second Nexus through the Turquoise DRAWER area. Entering this area from the second Windmill, use the Swap to reach successive portals and eventually the 47 Card Gate. Past the 47 card gate is a portal to the Turquoise DRAWER area, and then the second Nexus.

50 Card GateEdit

A third area in BLANK is a single screen containing the 50 Card Gate. This area is reached from the second Nexus past the the 49 Card Gate.






New Game+: