There are 8 medals in the Newgrounds Demo version, and 6 achievements in the Steam version. Each achievement has an id number in the game's code (shown in parentheses).

Newgrounds AchievementsEdit

Steam AchievementsEdit

  • (8) A Tool "You found the broom!": Get the Broom.
  • (9) Change "You activated the windmill!": Get Card 13 (requires activating the Windmill).
  • (10) A Meeting "You defeated Briar!": Defeat the Briar boss fight.
  • (11) 100% the game with 37 cards "You finished the game with over 37 cards, all the health and broom upgrades!": Exactly what the subtext says. "finish the game" means defeat Briar. This achievement does not require the Cardboard Box, Jump Shoes, or large keys. (Technically, this achievement does not check for the Broom itself, only the 3 broom upgrades. However, there is no known way to get the post-boss Health Cicadas without the Broom.)
  • (22) 100% the game under 3 hours "You 100%'d and finished the game in under 3 hours!": Qualify for the "100% the game with 37 cards" achievement above in less than 3 hours of in-game time. Time is checked when you defeat Briar.
  • (19) Lots of Cards "You found all 48 cards!": Make your card counter reach 48. This can be done by getting cards 1-48, or by substituting one of them for Card 49.

Unused AchievementsEdit

The game's code contains partially-implemented achievements that never made it into either the Newgrounds or Steam versions of the game.

  • (12) A_200_PERCENT: Same as "100% the game with 37 cards" above but also requires at least 49 cards and each of the 13 secrets. This achievement is checked when you defeat Briar, just like achievement 11 above.
  • (13) A_GET_RED_CUBE: Get Secret 10.
  • (14) A_GET_GREEN_CUBE: Get Secret 11.
  • (15) A_GET_BLUE_CUBE: Get Secret 12.
  • (16) A_GET_BW_CUBES: Get both Secret 9 and Secret 13.
  • (17) A_CONSOLE: Unused.
  • (18) A_GET_GOLDEN_POO: Get Secret 1.
  • (20) A_GET_49TH_CARD: Get Card 49.
  • (21) A_ENDING_SUB_15_M: Enter the screen north of the Briar fight in less than 15 minutes of in-game time. Note that this does not require you to defeat Briar first. The possibility of completing the game quickly is teased by Sean in Debug World, "Want to know how to finish the game in 20 minutes? Ha! Like I'd tell you!" Note that completing the game this quickly is only known to be possible by using the Wiggle Glitch or Cheat Codes.